The Watchers Press Kit

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Game Description

The Watchers is a haunting co-op puzzle game in which two players take control of a brother and sister searching for clues to the disappearance of their mother. Work together to discover the truth as you explore the abandoned headquarters of a local cult. But be careful. You’re being watched.

There’s a half-forgotten structure hidden in the hills of the Coyote Valley and twins Luisa and Frederico Puerta aren’t leaving until they find out what happened there 15 years ago. After their estranged mother Anna succeeded there as leader of The Watchers of Azazel, everything changed. The flames were seen by a local farmer, the screams heard by a passing hiker, the blood seen by noone. What happened to the cult’s members? Where is Anna Peurta?



Straight Back Games is an independent game developer started in 2019 by Joe Fender and Luke Fanning. Joe and Luke met at University through their love of World of Warcraft and the rest was history (literally - damn you, WoW). They are both programmers by profession and hobby so it was only natural that they should move into game development together.

The Watchers is the first game from Straight Back Games, an independent game developer started in 2019 by Joe Fender and Luke Fanning. The developers' passion for frustratingly difficult puzzles and exciting co-operative experiences was the drive behind its creation. Collaborators also include family members Andrew Fender (puzzle design), Hannah Headden (story and script) and Peter Fender (original music score).



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